Gel Extensions

Gel nails provide the strength of acrylic nails with the appearance of a natural nail. A lightweight plastic plate which follows the shape of the natural nail is secured to the tip of the nail to add the desired length and shape. A gel mixture is then applied over the top of the extension and cured under a UV lamp to secure in place, adding strength and shine. Compared to acrylics, Gel Extensions are much more natural in appearance, odourless and far kinder to your nails.


Gel Extensions – Natural Finish
A full set of gel extensions with a natural nail finish – 1 hour 15 mins – £40

Gel Extensions – Polish Finish
A full set of gel extensions finished with Jessica Nail Polish – 1 hour 30 mins – £44

Gel Extensions – Gel Finish
A full set of gel extensions finished with Jessica Geleration – 1 hour 45 mins – £47

Infills (2-3 week growth)
Overtime, as your nails grow, gel extensions will begin to grow out and you can return to have the nail growth ‘filled in’ – rather than apply a completely new set of extensions. Your technician will gently file down the gel edge closest to the nail bed and fill the empty area between the nail bed and the existing gel nail. It’s also the perfect excuse to freshen your look and pick a new colour!

Infills – Natural finish – 30 mins – £24
Infills – Polish removal & re-application – 40 mins – £30
Infills – Gel removal & re-application – 45 mins – £37

Gel Extension Removal
Removal of a full set of gel extensions – 45 mins – £22